Dowsing for gold

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How does dowsing for gold work? Or does it even work at all?


Finding gold with dowsing is a controversial subject. Some believe in it strongly and some dont. How does dowsing work? Can you really find gold that way? I have to admit I am skeptical. If you disagree with me, lets talk about it in the comments. For those who want to learn more about prospecting and finding gold check out my book, Fists full of Gold. It’s an encyclopedia of everything on the topic of prospecting. It’s available on Amazon. You can find it at (affiliate): 🤍 For even more information on prospecting, minerals, gems and other related information you can also check out my website at: 🤍

Dowsing for Gold using L Rods | Part 1


How to dowse for under ground gold & metals. Step by step dowsing guide for the completely novice, using the Rayfinder L Rods with power module made by GDI. Watch part 2 here: 🤍 For details & ordering of our dowsing tools visit 🤍 web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: gold_detectors_kyritsis

Dowsing For Gold - IT WORKED!!!


In this video, I'm using lidar maps and dowsing rods to find gold in a creek. Dowsing for gold is actually a pretty good way to find gold! If you're thinking of dowsing for gold, then you should definitely watch this video! I was skeptical at first, but after trying it out myself, I can tell you that it really works! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned prospector, this video is a great guide to start your gold mining journey!

Dowsing for gold? Here it is unveiled!!!


Many people don’t believe in dowsing, the reality is that some of us can dowse, others no. try this at home, may be you will be amazed! May be you are ( El Zahori) you didn’t know!

DOWSING | FOR GOLD | Does It Really Work . Ask Jeff Williams


Can anyone find Gold with two Dowsing rods, We put it to the the test to find out , We also try Dowsing for Silver and Iron. Something you should see. Cheapest Metal Detector you will ever get. SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING THIS LINK: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON THE WEB AND GET BEHIND THE SCENES : Instagram- 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Web 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Links to equipment used in my videos: Gold Panning Equipment : Panning Stand: 🤍 Garret Super Sluice: 🤍 Garret Gold Panning Kit: 🤍 Snuffer Bottle: 🤍 Mining Tools: Jewelers Loupe 10x: 🤍 Estwing Rock Pick: 🤍 Hard Hat w/ Light: 🤍 Light for Mining Hard Hat: 🤍 2 mode Light for Hard Hat:🤍 Large Paleo pick: 🤍 Metal detecting equipment: Whites TRX Pinpointer: 🤍 Falcon MD 20: 🤍 Whites GMT w/ extra Coil: 🤍 Garret ATX Metal Detector: 🤍 Minelab Gold Monster 1000: 🤍 Minelab GPX-4500 Metal Detector: 🤍 Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector: 🤍 Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector: 🤍 Large mining equipment: Gold Hog Multi Sluice: 🤍 Gold Cube: 🤍 Gold Cube Trommel: 🤍 Gold Hog Sluice: 🤍 Cobra Crusher: 🤍 Hammer Drill: 🤍 3 by 4 Jaw Crusher : 🤍 Impact Mills : 🤍 Filming Equipment: Cannon EOS Camera: 🤍 Microphone for camera: 🤍 Go Pro 7 Black: 🤍 Editing Software: 🤍 Adobe Premier Pro: 🤍 Books : Gold Mining in the 21sy Century: 🤍 Fistful of Gold by Chris Ralp : 🤍 Follow the Drywashers: 🤍 Prospecting for Hardrock Gold: 🤍 OTHER VIDEOS YOU MAY LIKE: RICH GOLD VEIN FOUND !!!! Epithermal Deposit. 🤍 Sluice Box Set Up. 🤍 Biggest Clean Up in Youtube History. 🤍 GOLD in the SIDEWALKS of MANHATTAN. 🤍 THE GEOLOGY of GOLD !!! What Rocks and Minerals to look for. 🤍 How to Find Gold !!! In Rivers and Creeks. 🤍 HOW to FIND GOLD with a BLACKLIGHT !!! 🤍 ROCKS and GOLD !!!! Geology 101 🤍 HOW TO FILE A MINING CLAIM !! Lode and Placer. 🤍 MINI JAW CRUSHER !!! For Gold Mining. 🤍 GOLD FROM PYRITE !!!! How To Do It 🤍 Secret Gold Mines 🤍 So you know what I am gonna say better... So C'mon....Let's Go !!!!! #askjeffwilliams #howtofindgold

TELERODS Telescopic Gold Dowsing Rods | GDI Detectors


TELERODS telescopic gold dowsing rods have a unique design! When collapsed they require less space compared to conventional dowsing rods. Also beneficial for a discrete transportation. Telescopic rods remain lightweight for a fast reaction towards targets. They are reliable for a long term usage unlike rods that divide and break down to pieces with sensitive thread joints and connections that add weight. Carry case accept accessories like the ELIMINATOR e120 B, which has a frequency generator function that improves metal discrimination. To order GDI TELERODS: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: gold_detectors_kyritsis

Dowsing for Gold *Reloaded*


A little how to and history on dowsing with a pair of basic metal coat hanger rods. I find whatever I'm looking for this way and today I find a little gold nugget and some fines. It seems silly to walk around on a river like this, but the results prove that it works.

Dowsing For Gold


A day out bush having fun with Dowsing-rod and some quality time with my daughter.

Dowsing for gold an AMRA video


Dave from Goldbay offers $61,000 to anyone who can dowse for gold and be successful finding a huge nugget 8 out of 10 times. This is one of those who tried....

GOLD MINING BASICS - GOLD VEINS - Prospecting for Gold Ore and Motherlode Gold + DOWSING RODS


WHAT a DAY! We show you how to find gold veins and in the process we talk about some gold mining basics. Prospecting for gold ore can be tremendous fun and rewarding if you know what to look for. Rock types, geologic features and subtle clues can help lead you to the gold. When we talk about motherlode gold prospecting we are referring to the bonanza motherlode source of gold that is still locked up in the mountainside! I got quite a few requests to show more dowsing so, today we also take a closer look at dowsing rods usage. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: 🤍 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE for more Gold Mining Adventures! ↓Gold Prospecting Basic Tools↓ Handy Pick in vid: 🤍 My Rock Chisel: 🤍 My go to Mini Sledge: 🤍 Worlds Best Rock Hammer: 🤍 My favorite gloves for everything from hardrock to dredging: 🤍 Headlamp I use in Vid: 🤍 Treasure Scoop: 🤍 Snuffer Bottle: 🤍 Good cheap Gold Pan: 🤍 A good Loupe: 🤍 ↓Killer Deals↓ -JOIN US ON FB: 🤍 -GOLD PAYDIRT: 🤍 *NO RESERVE Mineral Auctions! 🤍 -INSTAGRAM: 🤍

NEMESIS Dowsing Antenna Rods for Gold | Find Treasure, Metals & Voids


NEMESIS GOLD RODS have been designed by GDI with the accumulated knowledge gained from many years using gold detectors and directional dowsing rods by experienced gold dowsers. We set the goal to create a better dowsing rod in terms of quality, durability and performance. For more details about NEMESIS GOLD RODS visit: 🤍 Web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Ιnstagram: 🤍

dowsing for gold with Jon van Tamelen


re upload friend Jon van Tamelen dowses for gold with a red willow stick..and gives pointers on finding a dowsing rod

Gold & Frequency of Gold in Dowsing


Gold is one of the most fascinating precious metals. It is valued for its monetary value, of course, but also because gold holds & emits a very high frequency. And because of this, is of great value in Dowsing. Using the principles of Sacred Geometry, objects can be created which vibrate with this frequency of gold. Alicja takes us on a trip through the world of Therapeutic Pendulums showing us which ones radiate this Golden Light or frequency. She shows us how these pendulums work, how to verify that a pendulum is vibrating gold, and informs us on how this gold frequency can also be radiated from certain geometric shapes due to the principle of The Golden Proportion, and therefore can be found in Pendulums made of other materials such as brass or silver. She will show how we can enrich our life, health and relationships with this astonishing golden energy! Enjoy! Rev, Alicja Aratyn is an Environmental Engineer by profession and metaphysicyst by passion, who for over 50 years has pursued different modalities of Alternative Medicine and esoteric teachings.

Dowsing - Metal Detecting Find Colorado GOLD!


We bust out the dowsing rods and go metal detecting for some Colorado Gold! Does dowsing help us find those elusive gold nuggets? Let's find out! Nugget hunting the gold nugget patch is never easy. Metal detecting find Colorado Gold and arrowhead find! Let's go! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE for more Colorado Gold Mining! ↓GEAR↓ My favorite ultra sensitive VLF detector used to find this nugget! : 🤍 Detecting Scoop: 🤍 Detecting Pick: 🤍 Snuffer Bottle: 🤍 Good cheap Gold Pan: 🤍 A good Loupe: 🤍 My favorite gloves for everything from hardrock to dredging: 🤍 -GOLD PAYDIRT: 🤍 ↓Killer Deals↓ *NO RESERVE Mineral Auctions! 🤍 -INSTAGRAM: 🤍 -JOIN US ON FB: 🤍

APOLLO Gold Dowsing Rods by GDI | Find Treasure, Metals & Voids


APOLLO GOLD RODS have been designed by GDI with the accumulated knowledge gained from many years using gold detectors and directional dowsing rods by experienced gold dowsers. We set the goal to create the best dowsing rod in terms of quality, durability and performance. For more details about APOLLO GOLD RODS visit: 🤍 Web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Ιnstagram: 🤍

DOWSING FOR GOLD. Could Miners Find Gold Using Twigs??


Today I thought I’d talk about something a little different – we’re going to take a look back in time using one of my favourite books – De Re Metallica – and discover the fascinating wizard miners of the 16th century! After its publication in 1556, De Re Metallica was considered the authoritative text on the art of mining, refining and smelting metals for almost 200 years. Written by German scholar Georg Bauer, (whose pen name was Georgius Agricola), and published a year posthumously, the text is comprised of twelve books which extensively cover the many different aspects, tools and techniques of 16th century mining. De Re Metallica provides us with a wealth of insight into the mining industry during the renaissance as well as the culture, legalities, architecture and costume of the time. This remarkable book contains a huge collection of brilliantly detailed illustrations and technical diagrams, all of enormous historical value. In Book 2, Agricola discusses the commonly practised method of locating veins with the use of a 'divining rod'. He takes a sceptical approach to the subject, describing the method and its origins without advocating it. He then advises that miners look for natural signs when searching for veins, rather than using divination. Although this brief section may be of little technical use to the modern day reader, it is certainly interesting to see wizards, magicians and their incantations presented seriously within the pages of a significant scientific text. The information in this video regarding the use of divination rods in mining has been selectively extracted from Book 2 of De Re Metallica by Georgius Agricola, 1556. The English translation of De Re Metallica is available to read online in its entirety, and is definitely worth checking out. Read it online at: 🤍 To discover some of the fascinating history of the Victorian Goldfields, check out Goldfields Guide at: 🤍

Dowsing L rods to find underground gold, water and metals by GDI-Detectors.Com


Dowsing L rods to find underground gold, water and metals by GDI-Detectors.Com Supplier of professional treasure hunting equipment & 3D gold detectors. For prices and details about GDI L Rods visit: 🤍

Solar-Powered Dowsing for Buried Hoards of Gold & Silver Treasure


This solar-powered dowser enhances your auric power to find buried hoards of gold, silver, and other treasure. It captures the solar wind, the streams of charged particles from the sun that cause the auroras or northern lights. Moving the device through the geomagnetic field generates an electric field that focuses the charged particles and spreads them out to the surrounding ground. You can use this device any time the sun is shining, with strongest results during periods of high sunspot activity. Follow the video instructions to align the solar irradiation cage to Polaris, the North Star. Then take three steps forward, two steps backward, and watch the compass. The compass deflects toward any nearby buried treasure, with the deflection size indicating the value. If the compass swings wildly, you could become wealthy! You can build the dowser for free if you have a 3-D printer. For details, go to: 🤍 The device complements the human aura, intensifying your natural powers using cosmic rays from deep outer space. It works only with the human aura. This means your dog cannot use this device successfully, even if he is very smart. The same is true for your horse. You can, however, ride your horse while using the device. You must wait until at least April before you use the device. Otherwise, you will be cursed and your device will only find worthless junk like tin cans and poop bags. You might be tempted to bury some treasure and see if the device can detect it. However, it only finds hidden, unknown treasure. The device cannot be fooled (unlike you) April fool! American Society of Dowsers: 🤍 British Society of Dowsers: 🤍 About dowsing: 🤍 About buried treasure hoards: 🤍 Image credits - Aurora Borealis Forms Shapes by Schnuffel2002 🤍 Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 🤍



Geezer uses L Rod and Pendulum to show how to find Gold. RESTORE MY FAITH IN HUMANITY 🤍 🤍

Is Dowsing For Coins Possible?


Welcome to Metal Detecting NYC. Dowsing is a controversial process that is widely accepted as effective for finding water but is not backed by science. It has been used by humans for thousands of years. There are videos on YouTube where dowsers use dowsing rods to find silver and gold coins. This video looks in to the possibility of this. Tools I Use & Important Links Use code NYC at 🤍 at checkout and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! XP Deus 2: 🤍 Minelab Equinox 800: 🤍 Nokta Makro Legend: 🤍 Garrett Pro-Pointer: 🤍 Honey Badger Scoop: 🤍 Take A Metal Detecting Vacation: 🤍 Or just book our Florida house (Cape Coral) on AirBnb or Vrbo Book our Florida House (Airbnb): 🤍 Book our Florida House (VRBO): 🤍 Visit my website 🤍 to see ratings and feedback on the 20 metal detectors I have owned. Chapters: 0:00 When The Rods Cross 0:10 What Mythbusters Adam Savage Has To Say About Dowsing 0:20 Dowsing Breaks The Laws Of Physics 0:39 Dowsing Has Been Used For Centuries To Find Water 0:50 Dowsing Has Never Survived Empirical Testing 1:21 Some Metal Detectors Have Components That Resemble Dowsing 1:39 Dowsing Is Very Controversial There Are Differing Opinions On Its Efficacy 1:55 This Video Is On Dowsing For Coins 2:05 What Gary Blackwell From XP Skill School Has To Say About Dowsing 5:35 The Metaphysical Nature Of Dowsing 5:56 How Does Dowsing Work? 7:41 Star Wars (Use The Force), Scientific Method & Dowsing 8:52 Howard Gardner & Existential Intelligence 9:45 Inference Or ESP Extrasensory Perception 10:13 National Geographic Article On The Invisible Universe 11:11 Extra Sensory Perception Exists In Animals And Is Well Documented 11:35 Canadian Treasure Hunter Finds Coins With Dowsing Rods Subscribe On YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Hi, my name is Merrill Kazanjian. New York City is an amazing place to go metal detecting. We have lots of parks, colonial history and great beaches for beach detecting. I have gone to all five boroughs of New York City To Metal Detect and beyond. I also currently own 19 metal detectors. I want to have the best and I want to help you choose the best as well. Below I will showcase some of the playlists on this channel: By Metal Detector: Minelab Equinox Playlist: 🤍 White's Beach Hunter 300 Playlist: 🤍 Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi Playlist: 🤍 Minelab Vanquish 540: 🤍 Garrett Ace Apex: 🤍 Nokta Makro Simplex: 🤍 Minelab E-Trac: 🤍 XP Deus: 🤍 Garrett AT Pro: 🤍 Minelab Safari: 🤍 Garrett Ace 300: 🤍 Minelab Soveriegn: (Coming Soon) I have a playlist of metal detecting videos to teach metal detecting. The videos in the playlist below are specifically made to teach the skills and mindset to becoming a great metal detectorist. Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks: 🤍 I am a treasure hunter. So in addition to metal detecting, I go mudlarking at sites such as Dead Horse Bay. Think of mudlarking as metal detecting without a metal detector. Dead Horse Bay: 🤍 Mudlarking: 🤍 All Of My Metal Detecting Treasure Hunting Videos: 🤍 All Of My Beach Metal Detecting Videos: 🤍 All Of My Land/Park Metal Detecting Videos: 🤍 Playlist By New York City Borough: Manhattan: 🤍 Brooklyn: 🤍 The Bronx: 🤍 Queens: 🤍 Staten Island: 🤍 Long Island: Cleaning Metal Detecting/Mudlarking Finds: Can We Clean It: 🤍 Cleaning Coins: 🤍 Other Playlists: Metal Detecting Rap Videos: 🤍 Songs About Coins: 🤍 Merrill's Thought & VLogs: 🤍 Rusty Notch (Country Metal Detecting Music): 🤍 Gold Mining: 🤍 Magnet Fishing: 🤍 Metal Detector Comparisons: 🤍 Metal Detecting Live Streams: 🤍 Drawing Popular YouTube Metal Detectorists: 🤍 Subscriber Sundays: 🤍 Top 100 Metal Detecting Channels On YouTube: 🤍

ISIS gold dowsing pendulum


ISIS gold dowsing pendulum, L rods, by GDI - gold detectors 🤍



A great way of finding gold is to use a couple of dowsing rods. I make my own out of a couple of coat hangers, and they work fine 100% of the time. I found out how powerful this tool is when - in the eighties - I surveyed a gold mining claim and got a strong dowsing signal. Although I had a 4-inch dredge with compressed air and rock-pulling equipment, I could NOT get deep enough to locate the source of the strong signal. When other people acquired that claim they found a 4 troy ounce gold nugget at the spot of the signal. (US$1,800 then, US$6,500-$10,000 now) Whew! I was dismayed at my lack of persistence, but also relieved to know that the dowsing tool does work. I revisited this tool again this week. I don't want to bore you with an agonizingly long video that doesn't show any action. So here is my edited version of how my dowsing tool worked for me today (June 11,2012)... Enjoy. Music: Hero Theme" & "Olde Timey" by Kevin MacLeod 🤍 Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" 🤍 YouTube charts: #80 Most Discussed Videos Today (Pets & Animals) 06/12/2012 #69 Most Discussed Videos Today (Pets & Animals) 06/13/2012

OMNIA gold dowsing pendulum


OMNIA gold dowsing pendulum, L rods, by GDI gold detectors. 🤍

How to use dowsing rods for novices | Part 2


Watch Dowsing Rods part 1 here: 🤍 To order GDI dowsing rods visit: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: gold_detectors_kyritsis

Dowsing my 100th Silver Coin of the Year


Dowsing my 100th Silver Coin of the Year, Yes you heard it right i've been testing my homemade dowsing rods and all results point to them working for silver & gold, 3rd time out i found a silver 10 Cents coin

Beginners guide to dowsing


Dowsing for metal with rods, here are the basic questions you must ask. Here is my latest video on dowsing rods : 🤍 Here is a link to the Garys detecting forum : 🤍 Items I use while out metal detecting ##################### Demar lightweight boots 🤍 Go pro hero 8 camera 🤍 Lav mic set 🤍 Sirui camera tripod 🤍 Joby tripod legs 🤍 Rode video micro 🤍 Rode video mic pro + 🤍 Samsung Galaxy S9 🤍 XP Deus metal detector 🤍 XP MI-6 pin point probe 🤍

Pendulum for gold SIRIOS


Dowsing pendulum for Gold SIRIOS. 24K gold plated with sample chamber. GDI Gold Detectors 🤍

How to find gold using dowsing law of sympathy (practical dowsing series)


Explanation of the dowsing law of sympathy and how to practically use it to find gold using a pendulum Get my book: Spin and grow rich – from my website: 🤍 Get a great pendulum for dowsing and healing: 🤍 Visit my website: 🤍 This video is NOT a substitute for professional help, advise or treatment. If you have any problems requiring professional help, especially health concerns, always go to the relevant healthcare specialist! What I show in this video is a complementary therapy and it might or might not work for you. The results are not guaranteed. You take full responsibility for the results you get and you do it at your own risk. WEBSITES: Red Light Therapy: 🤍 Courses: 🤍 Books: 🤍 Pendulums: 🤍 Dowsing charts: 🤍 Official website: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 God bless, Serwiusz DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that when you make a purchase using them, you pay the same price as anyone else, but I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. You know, to buy a camera, video editing software, electricity and all the things I make video about. That does not come FREE! I much appreciate your support! #dowsing #pendulum #dowsingforgold

CRONOS gold dowsing pendulum


Cronos gold dowsing pendulum with chamber, L rods, by GDI gold detectors. 🤍

Gold Ring Found Dowsing The whole Truth Revealed Here Must See


Gold Ring Found Dowsing The whole Truth Revealed Here, Must see video on site where the gold ring was found, Anyone out there with great success please comment or watch the art of dowsing GL HH

Gold Prospecting - Dowsing for gold


The new 49'ers - 🤍 - Gold Prospecting Sign up for our Newsletter - 🤍 You can find the schedule for upcoming group projects here: 🤍 Visit our channel: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 How to Find Gold - Learn gold prospecting techniques online with almost 3 hours of video instruction by Dave McCracken - 🤍 About The New 49'ers - The New 49'ers Gold Prospecting Association is the premier gold prospecting club in the USA. Located in Happy Camp California, the club offers 60+ miles of gold claims where members can prospect for gold. For more information visit: 🤍



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Gold Dowsing Rods Wilhelm Reich! The best Dowsing Rods all over the world!


Ανιχνευτές μετάλλων - Ανιχνευτές Χρυσού Πολατίδης Τηλέφωνα επικοινωνίας: 2381023237 και +306941550822 Περισσότερες πληροφορίες στο site 🤍 Οι καλύτερες στον κόσμο για να ψάξουν θησαυρούς για ερευνητές! Μόνο για επαγγελματίες! Παρουσιάζω τις καλύτερες βέργες παγκοσμίως με οργονίτη Γερμανικής κατασκευής της εταιρείας Wilhelm Reich που μπορούν να βρούνε αντικείμενα σε απόσταση 1-2 χιλιόμετρα ανάλογα την ποσότητα! Στον διαγωνισμό παγκοσμίως έχουν έρθει στην πρώτη θέση σε πραγματικές έρευνες και βρήκανε χρυσές λίρες σε απόσταση 783 μέτρα με μεγάλη επιτυχία και σε βάθος 70 εκατοστά. Το Πανεπιστήμιο και η ομάδα έμειναν άφωνη το συμπέρασμα είναι πως και οι 2 βέργες είναι θετικές και ο κάθε χρυσοθήρας θέλει να τις έχει στην κατοχή του. Είναι βέργες από φύλα χρυσού ημιπολύτιμους λίθους ενεργειακές χειροποίητες και αληθινές βέργες που ανακαλύπτουν πραγματικούς στόχους μέσα σε σπηλιές μέσα σε ποτάμια σε δύσκολα εδάφη δεν πιάνουν πετρώματα αλλά μόνο αντικείμενα κατασκευασμένα από ανθρώπινο χέρι. Γνωρίστε τις βέργες Wilhelm Reich και ασχοληθείτε. Σωματικά γινόμαστε καλύτεροι άνθρωποι γιατί αυτές η βέργες του Wilhelm Reich ήταν για τον καρκίνο τα χρησιμοποιούσε σε ένα δωμάτιο για την μάνα του τα μυστικά χαθήκαν γιατί οι φαρμακευτικές εταιρείες θα χάνανε πολλές χιλιάδες ευρώ και δολάρια! Οι βέργες μπορούν αν συνεργαστούν με έναν καλό ανιχνευτή μετάλλων και χρυσού για τα καλύτερα αποτελέσματα, γιατί δεν μπορούμε να κεντράρουμε ραβδοσκοπία διότι οι ενέργειες βγαίνουν συνεχόμενα στις κεραίες ραβδοσκοπίας οπότε αν ο στόχος είναι τα 2-3 μέτρα θέλουμε ένα ανιχνευτή μετάλλων για να κεντράρουμε την καρδιά του θησαυρού! The best dowsing rods all over the world. I present you Wilhelm Reich Dowsing Rods with orgonite created at Germany from Wilhelm Reich company. They can find target at distance of 1.000 - 2.000 meters depending the amount of the items. Wilhelm Reich dowsing rods are handmade and includes gold leaf, Semiprecious Stones and orgonite. They are both positive and at a worldwide contest they found gold coins at distance of 783 meters. Wilhelm Reich dowsing rods can work together with one good metal detector for better results. Wilhelm Reich found orgonite while he was trying to heal his mother from cancer, but they stop him cause they saw that orgonite had extreme powers and all pharmacy companies should lose millions of dollars. Want learn more about Wilhelm Reich Dowsing Rods? Visit our shop at 🤍 Ακολουθήστε μας στο facebook: 🤍 Metal Detector - Gold Detector Polatidis Group More information 🤍 tel : (+30)2381023237 mob: (+30)6941550822 fax: (+30)2381023969 email: sales🤍 Filippou str 10, Edessa 58200

Dowsing for Gold.wmv


A little how to and history on dowsing with a pair of basic metal coat hanger rods. I find whatever I'm looking for this way and today I find a little gold nugget and some fines. It seems silly to walk around on a river like this, but the results prove that it works.

How to Properly Use Dowsing L Rods for Locating Hidden Yamashita Treasures


Another popular request is finally covered on this video which is all about the dowsing L Rods. Covered on this video are the basic but important information that you need to know. Read it on my Blogging Website: 🤍 Visit my Official Website for more information about treasure hunting: 🤍 Link to my FaceBook Page "Treasures and Antiques": 🤍 My eMail Address: elmozugwalt🤍 #Dowsing_L_Rod #Yamashita_Treasure #Treasure_Hunting

LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum


LYDIA gold dowsing pendulum, L rods, by GDI gold detectors. 🤍

Dowsing Rods ~ A Beginners Guide


Can dowsing for treasure make you rich....probably not but dowsing can be an effective tool and can be used to enhance your metal detecting success. Dowsing rods are just tools that enhance a reaction most people can dowse but you need to follow some simple rules. Here is a link to my earlier dowsing video : 🤍 Here is a link to the Garys detecting forum : 🤍 Items I use while out metal detecting ##################### Demar lightweight boots 🤍 Go pro hero 8 camera 🤍 Lav mic set 🤍 Sirui camera tripod 🤍 Joby tripod legs 🤍 Rode video micro 🤍 Rode video mic pro + 🤍 Samsung Galaxy S9 🤍 XP Deus metal detector 🤍 XP MI-6 pin point probe 🤍

How to Make Dowsing Rods for Water & Gold Dowsing | Dowsing for Beginners | Dowsing Rods Explained


how to make dowsing rods for water or for Gold? Dowsing Rods or also knows as Divining Rod or Water Witching is a form of Dowsing that is an old art where you resonate with the material you are looking for and mostly use for water dowsing and also dowsing for gold. This video shows you How to Make Dowsing Rods to find Water and Gold. There are different styles of Rods such as L-rods, V or Y shaped Rods or bobber tensor rod and also pendulum dowsing. To get dowsing rods, here is Amazon affiliate links: Bobber rod 🤍 Y shape rods 🤍 To buy the Paint Roller product, you can clink this link: 🤍 To Watch a replay: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:15 Material Required 01:15 How to Cut the Rods 02:12 File the edges 03:00 How to Put the Handles 03:31 Hammering the Handles 04:20 How to Hold the Handles What is Dowsing? Dowsing, also known as “Radiesthesia”. Dowsers use tool such as a dowsing rod to sense the location of the item or energy that they are looking for. It is considered an extension to the human field that is easier to sway or move so that we can indicate changes in the field What is it used for? In ancient times, flexible Tree branches were used to search for springs of water or metals such as gold. How does it work? People realized that a “resonance” between any substance and the mind of man could be extended to any field. This phenomenon has a root in physics: everything, from the living substance, issues radiations, each one on a different wavelength. Light, for example, is a form of electromagnetic radiation that happens to be in the visible wavelengths or frequencies. Give me an example of resonance? Every element that exists in life has its own frequency that is referred to as “Natural frequency”. “Frequency” is a term used to described how often the signal or wave repeats itself within a time period. An example is observed by two tuning forks. If we hit one fork, it will vibrate at and that in turn causes the other fork to vibrate through the resonance phenomenon.

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